I-MAS Engineering is the best partner for Industry 4.0 as we offer innovative and high-tech solutions for industrialisation. We are involved in R&D&I and artificial vision projects, developing automised processes to meet the needs of each client.

Our multi-sector experience allows us to offer integral solutions for the automatization of traditionally manual or artisanal processes, obtaining results that improve the efficiency of the industry through the application of the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

The development of exclusive and customised equipment, the design of machines, process automation, R&D projects and the quality of the final result are complemented by the use of vision and artificial intelligence systems that facilitate all processes.

"More than 15 years of know-how that marks the difference of our engineering team".

- Miguel Ángel Muñoz. Enginieering Manager.

Would you like to improve the quality of your processes or automatize them?

Join Industry 4.0 with I-MAS, the reference in automatization, machine design, quality control, computer vision, artificial intelligence, robotics and the application of computer vision and artificial intelligence to quality assurance.

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I-MAS at the vanguard of industrial technology.